HAAS Payment Terms V1

The Franchisee hereby acknowledges and agrees the most recent Debit Authorization Form (“Form’) on file with Doctor’s Associates Inc. (“Franchisor”) also authorizes Franchisor to debit the Total Fee, defined in the HPA, from the bank account designated in the Form on a date determined by the Franchisor. Franchisor will attempt a second debit in the same calendar month if there were insufficient funds on the first attempted debit of the Total Fee.  By accepting this HPA, Franchisee consents to the foregoing, and further agrees that all terms of the Form apply to this authorization.

If there are any amounts owing to HP, Inc. other than the Total Fee, Franchisee acknowledges and agrees that Franchisor shall not attempt any debits for any payments due HP Inc. unless and until HP Inc. informs Franchisor that Franchisee’s account with HP is current on all prior Total Fees. Franchisee understands and agrees that Franchisee will be required to make separate payment arrangements with HP Inc. for any Total Fee not debited by Franchisor as described above.